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i wrote the love song with my heart in my mouth, listing the physical details that drew me towards a particular person - the west country girl. it set forth my own personal criteria of beauty, my own particular truth about beauty, as angular, cruel and impoverished as it probably was. it was listing of things i loved, and in truth, a wretched exercise in flattery, designed to win the girl. and it worked and it didn't work. but the peculiar magic of the love song, if it has the heart to do it, is that it endures where the object of the song does not. it attaches itself to you, and together you move through time. but it does more than that, for just as it is our task to move forward, to cast off our past, to change and to grow, in short, to forgive ourselves and each other. the love song holds within it an eerie intelligence all of its own - to reinvent the past and to lay it at the feet of the present. -nick cave
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